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We are an estate sale liquidator with integrity and honesty. Our team of trained estate sale handlers are professional, fast, friendly and reliable.  To understand our process and our services, click here.

When you hire a professional liquidator, you are placing a great deal of trust in a company to handle your sale with utmost respect and professionalism.  A Great Estate Sale was built on on our founder’s values of honesty, reliability and trust.

My Grampa McKenna always said: “Honesty (and trust) is the single most important thing in business and life.  Never forget that.” 

~Susan A. McKenna, Founder & President

And we didn’t.  In fact, we’ve built this company into a locally owned and operated business you can trust, especially when it comes to representing your estate to its fullest potential.  No matter what condition your home or business is in, we will help you clean it up, organize it and sell it!


When you choose to work with A Great Estate Sale, you can rest easy knowing that we will always answer the phone when you call, respond to your email or text messages on the same business day, and never make lame excuses for why we didn’t do the above.  We are one of the few companies who will visit you at your estate and give you an in-person quote, for NO FEES.  When we commit to dates for your estate sale, we rarely change them.  (natural disasters and acts of God excluded).  Because we believe that an estate sale company should be just as reliable as your own personal A-Team.

We care about making what can be a painful or emotionally exhausting experience, an easy and stress-free time for you.  We care about the loss of your loved one(s), and the life we are about to clean, organize and sell for you. We understand that those possessions represent a lifetime of memories for you and your family. That’s why we care about how your estate sale company conducts business in the neighborhood where the home or business is located.  We are careful to not disturb neighbors or the community. We can be discreet and create private, invite-only estate sales in HOA’s that do not allow them. (If you don’t know, we will find out for you.)

Our staff is trained in how to handle your estate sale items with care, while maintaining kindness and understanding to you and your family during the entire process.  We will keep the area clean and remove trash and debris in a timely manner.  And we will make sure to treat your items for liquidation like they were are very own keepsakes. That’s our promise to you.

Unlike other estate sale companies, our systems allow our team to be quick, expedient and nimble, which ensures minimal disruption around the neighborhood where your estate sale is being held.  We believe in the principles of “Kaizen,” or Continuous Improvement, and we have honed our skills for running your estate sale smoothly and effortlessly over years of practice — starting back in the late 1990’s.

Along with honesty comes accountability. But if you aren’t in the area at the day of the sale, if you are the executor of a very large estate, or if you simply don’t have the time or energy to “check in” on your estate sale company, how do you know what your estate is really worth?  Trouble is, you don’t. That’s why we take extreme steps to ensure that the value of your estate is painstakingly inventoried, cataloged and tracked for maximum return.  In fact, we minimize thefts at your estate sale by using a sophisticated system of WiFi enabled cameras at your site, so you can observe our team EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. <– there are no other Estate Sale companies that will offer that kind of accountability…and at no extra cost to you (it’s included in the fees we charge to run your sale)!


Our Promise to You: To help you in a compassionate and caring manner during life’s many transitions.  Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and simple solution for you in your time of need. After all, YOU are the foundation of our business…and we must act accordingly.