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Asset Liquidations


There are several types of  asset liquidations. A Great Estate Sale deals in two kinds:

  1. Business Asset Liquidation
  2. Personal Property / Asset Liquidation

Business Asset Liquidation

When is the time to consider the asset liquidation process? The three main reasons businesses consider liquidating assets are:

  1. when assets are no longer needed (surplus assets),
  2. the business needs additional working capital, or
  3. to satisfy creditors.

Before liquidating assets it may be helpful to consult your lawyer and accountant or other tax professional for assistance in planning the liquidation. Also, remember that if you are liquidating assets to satisfy creditors you may need to obtain their consent to do so.

Personal Property / Asset Liquidation

There are two types of property that you can liquidate: Real Estate and Personal property. A Great Estate Sale Co can help you liquidate your personal property only.  This includes cars, furniture, jewelry, old coins or money, scrap metal, silver, collectibles, artwork, electronics and more.

Many people look at asset liquidation for a few main reasons:

  1. During a chapter 7 bankruptcy
  2. Moving overseas or across country
  3. Downsizing to cover debt

Whatever your reasons are for liquidating, A Great Estate Sale can help.