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A Great Estate Sale Co can also sell your products to our nationwide list of private collectors, via our online retail channels, and through staged monthly events on the fourth weekend of every month.


Jewelry: Before selling your jewelry to a metals dealer for its scrap metal value, give us a call. We are often able to sell your jewelry for values that exceed their base metals values. We sell everything from Rolex Watches, to Native American Jewelry. We have great success selling Fine Jewelry and Diamonds too.

Paintings – Prints – Sculpture: We are committed to selling our clients artwork for their highest possible dollar amounts. We have access to the same research databases auction houses do. So we are easily able to determine your arts value. We have sold paintings for as much as $24,000.00

Automobiles: At our consignment showroom, we are able to sell your car even if it is collectible. Our process is fast, profitable and easy. We see to the detailing and cleaning of your car and post many online photos of it to attract the right buyers. Many times we can sell your car in just a few days.

Sterling Silver: Many of our monthly Consignment sales features Sterling Flatware, Holloware, and Objet d’Art. We can sell English, French, Continental, American, and Asian  Silver. We have an extensive makers marks research library and can identify Sterling from anywhere in the world.

Collectibles: Have collections of Fine Porcelains, Old Toys, Clocks or Rare Books? Let us do the research of their values and offer these interesting items to customers who attend our monthly Consignment sales.

Household: Let the best sell the rest, and the rest sell the best, that is  our philosophy. We understand that in addition to  your more valuable items you also need help marketing and selling your average every day household personal property. The good news is that we can help. Every one of our showroom sales incorporates household items.