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Estate Sale Buyouts, Asset Liquidations


A Great Estate Sale Co may be able to buy all of the items in your estate (“buyout”). A buyout is when we buy all of your items for a set fee without condition — YES, we will take EVERYTHING, good and bad.  And, we will leave your estate sale location “broom clean” as well.

Estate buyouts are convenient if you:

  1. Need to generate cash or income immediately.
  2. If a co-executor of the estate, or other family members do not want to have a public estate sale.
  3. There is not enough time to properly stage an estate sale. (For more details on our process and the timeline, see:
  4. Estate Sale items are located in a storage facility.
  5. The decedent’s residence is a condominium, apartment, or anywhere where estate sales are not permitted.
  6. The total value of the estates personal property is not high enough to consign to an auction, or engage the services of an estate sales company.

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